Look to Creation! Lesson 27 Decisiveness Lesson 1 Refusing to Reconsider a Decision Which I Know is Right
by cbf
decide decisive choose stand right reconsider know Balaam shrew James 4:8 focus energy Bible Isreal gods prophet sorcerer soothsayer Israel Midian Moab Balak character character traits character training


When we make decisions, voices from everywhere ask us to follow their way... sometimes they make more sense than other times, but always once we make a decision we absolutely know is right (we have done our homework, we have weighed the options, we have an internal peace, etc., etc.) then that is the way we should go without reservation.  A united heart means a focus towards success; but, if we have competing affections ~ pride, position, power and other things to draw us from our path ~ then we can end up trying to do two opposite things.  We end up being a Balaam... and as it did not turn out well for him, such divided focu also will eventually come back to harm us.  


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