1 Kings 10: 24-29 Solomon, the King Pastor Chuck Clawson
by cbf
Solomon gold silver Temple wisdom choose choice choices poor choice God mammon serve service Deuteronomy 1 Kings king sovereign reign power accumulate violate


Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely"  As the third king of Israel, and inheritor of David's reign, Solomon has moved into a position of absolute power.  The people have seen him ascend and take the throne, unequivocally supported by the prophet Nathan, announced by his father David, and now clearly the king of the nation.  Solomon starts well, but now come other choices that show all of his decisions did not always reflect his gift of wisdom from the Lord. Although he did not stop serving Jehovah, he did begin to violate some of the foundational restrictions God had ordained and began to gather to himself gold, silver, lands, and power.  After all.... he is the king...


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