Destruction! Pastor Joshua Justice 28 April 2019
by cbf
destroy fail pride humble humility destruction fall care other minded enemy self-absorbed comparisons holiness holy Christ Jesus standard God idols idolize power self-centered leader deacon elder teacher guide support uplift encourage dictate lead model demand knowledge wisdom fear the Law pray judge accomplishment confidence self-idolatry


What exactly brings on life\'s troubles and the destruction of dreams, plans, friendships, trust, organizations, faith communities,  and even life?  Is it a given for a person to have no troubles just because he or she goes to church?  What about his or her attitudes?  Or habits?  Or, lifestyle sins?  More pointedly, what about the conversations we have?  Or how we think and what we say about others?  And even more, what we think and say about ourselves?  Just what does the Bible say about all of this internal and external relationship \"stuff\"?   Listen as Pastor Josh turns to the Word and lays out how to recognize and avoid the choices that set us on a path of destruction!   Follow along with his message notes at    Watch the sermon at 	Copyright 2019	All Rights Reserved


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