Controlled and Uncontrolled Anger Pastor Billy Robertson 10 April 2016
by cbf
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Anger ~ this God-given, even ordained, emotion is part of our humanity, and part of our creation by the Lord, Himself.  God the Father expressed anger, a holy and righteous anger that confronted sin, but was first shadowed by mercy and warning.  This is the kind of anger that we who claim to be Christians should exercise ~ an anger towards the activities and choices God hates, the behaviors that degrade human life and fly in the face of the One who created it.  However, we too often fall into a personal, vengeful, and pride-based anger.  That "anger" is closer to rage and wrath, and is definitely NOT God-honoring nor Christlike.  We are warned in Scripture as to how deadly our untamed thoughts and statements can be, and are admonished to control our thoughts and ways, using the guidelines given us in the Bible.  Jesus did not just run around reacting.  When He considered what was before Him, He took the time to wait, think, even write in the sand.  When His anger was against a grievous sin, He responded as would the Father ~ lead with mercy and warning, then act swiftly and decisively when the course has been set by those who are "working the sin"... Pastor Billy takes us through a number of Scriptures, each underlining the place and authority of choices.  Some belong to God; some are our responsibility.  Hint: Anything done out of "being stung by pride" is not the way He want us to respond... 


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