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Anthony Lubrano on The Kings Court

length: 32 Minutes 57 Seconds tags: Anthony Lubrano of the Pann. St. Boeard of Trustees joins Kevin and Sara to discuss the NCAA sanctions.
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mlongpdlg 2 years 9 months ago      
Wonderful discussion, thanks for posting for us to publicly view. 
nsalvatico11 3 years 6 months ago      
I want to thank Anthony and the hosts for such a refreshing discussion regarding the events at Penn State. As a person whose family is part of the football family at PSU, it was wonderful to have the facts stated publically, the lack of due process as well as common sense! I voted for you to be on the board and am so glad you are speaking up---but as you said, Joe stood for what he believed in, that's we we were taught growing up, and I know the players have been taught the same--just as Steven Covey states, speak up respectfully yet respectfully.---and I would like to add---with the facts. Our media --from the top down---need to go back to school and take journalism 101---support your arguments with facts and make sure youcan support those facts with reliable resources. I would also add that Freeh and his investigators might want to add a disclaimer to his report--this is based on their inferences---we all know when you infer, you use the text clues and your schema---well--a lot of subjectivity falls into that piece so their sythesis is missing many key parts and that would be speaking to those who wrote the text inferred. Simply, lets go back to the good old fable, The Tortoise and the Hare---author's message: slow and steady wins the race. Well Penn State and the rest of us, how about we let all the facts be examined in an appropriate court setting---not an investigator with many ties that allude to many questionable things, not a board that reacts due to the media pressure and not the media who has taken the liberty to hold court under the pretense to sensationlalize simply for ratings! Shame, shame, shame. Thank you Anthony , Kevin and Sara! We ARE....Because he was!