24 months ago by Ratryoshka
song rap roast yourself


I know this is a Youtube challenge (thanks Nigahiga) and I'm not even a Youtuber, but my head was bursting with lyrics since one of my online friends (who happens to be a Youtuber) did her own Roast Yourself diss track, and to me, she kinda bridged the gap between popular Youtubers, and practical nobodies like me and I had to accept the challenge.
Plus, people say I talk too fast IRL, so hey why not?

Self-deprecation has always been my thing since 2007-ish. I'm a generally embarrassing person, and these are just some of the traits people laughed at me for.

Never made a rap song before, and I gotta admit this is pretty hard to record, like sometimes due to difficulty in pronouncing some words quickly I had to separately record the verses and adjust their tempo in Soundbooth & Audacity. Looks like I don't talk fast enough.


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